Working with Apache SparkR-1.4.0 in RStudio

Ainda que seja um pouco avançado, este tutorial merece ficar para referências futuras, bem próximas.

My thoughts & learnings

Finally, after three days I was able to solve the problem. The problem was that I could not figure out how to integrate Apache SparkR in RStudio on a Windows OS environment.

The existing solutions on Google are linux based. So, I will spare you all the trouble that I went through 🙂

A characteristic behaviour of Windows OS is that for any application or system program that needs to be executed it (the OS kernel) requires a handle (Linux OS terminology) or a Path (Windows OS terminology). So, if you need any non-windows application to work with windows os then its important that the application path must be defined in the system environment variables. In a previous post, I have elaborated how it can be done.

Please note that the official website suggests to install SparkR from github by using the command

on spark-shell but it never worked for…

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