Scheduling R Tasks via Windows Task Scheduler

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This post will allow you to impress your boss with your strong work ethic by enabling Windows R users to schedule late night tasks.  Picture it, your boss gets an email at 1:30 in the morning with the latest company data as a beautiful report.  I’m quite sure Linux and Mac users are able to do this rather easily via cron.  Windows users can do this via the Task Scheduler.  Users can also interface the task scheduler via the command line as well.

As this is more process oriented, I have created a minimal example on GitHub and the following video rather than providing scripts in-text.  All the scripts can be accessed via:  User’s will need to fill in relevant information (e.g., paths, usernames, etc.) and download necessary libraries to run the scripts.  The main point of this demonstration is to provide the reader (who is a Windows…

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