Tips for using R in production analytics environment

Dicas são sempre bem-vindas!


Newface1) Read.csv is dead. Long live fread Use fread from data.table to import data and get a speed up factor of 5 X in the data import phase itself. Ignore data.table package and languish in hell

2) Write.csv is boring. Write as a .Rda file Use .Rda file to get compressions of upto 4 X

3) Use new project mode from RStudio This helps to clean workflow management

4) Use GUIs like Deducer / kmggplot2 plugin from Rcommander for great data viz right now For people who want to use ggplot2 straight away

5) Avoiding duplicates , remove prior copies and use gc() Memory management is key to use of R in production analytics.

6) Think object oriented. Forget other languages Think slice and dice and using $ and [] and using apply versus for loops.

7) Use ? and ?? before you google and ask for help on Stack Overflow…

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